About Rick Fisher

Rick Fisher has had a life long interest in the unexplained after seeing what he believes was a ghost at the age of seven. Since then Rick has searched for answers in the Ghost, Bigfoot, and UFO phenomena. He was the founder of the Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society which later became the Paranormal Society of PA and a former member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Rick has appeared on the Travel Channels Ghostly Gettysburg and Supernatural Destinations, local TV and radio. He has been written about in newspapers, magazines, and mentioned in many books about ghosts. He has written two books Ghosts of the River Towns and Ouija Gone Wild co authored with Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Rick taught a non credit course in Paranormal Investigating at Harrisburg Area Community College (Lancaster branch) and taught many through his Ghost Hunter workshops. In 2004 Rick received the Special Achievement award at the 1st National Paranormal Awards in Baltimore, Maryland for his contribution to paranormal research. Other awards include an award from members of his Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society for his dedication to the society. The Spirit Award from the Spirit Society of Pennsylvania who he has a close relationship with and the Pioneer Spirit Award from the former International Ghost Hunters Society. For many years Rick has collected hundreds of artifacts and pop culture items related to the paranormal. He started and headed a Neighborhood Watch program in Columbia, PA  and had a few residents want him to run for borough council and mayor. He loves animals, nature, is a shamanic practitioner and enjoys traveling to haunted places.