Local Archaeology

Susquehannock Indians

 Over the years I have had a fascination with the Susquehannock indians who had several villages along the Susquehanna river here in Lancaster and York counties. It started with a dream I had some years ago where I met what I believe to have been a Susquehannock man. He was full of wisdom though I don't recall our conversation when waking it was lost when I woke up. I just remember I was enlightened after the dream and wanted to learn more about the Susquehannocks. I have tried shamanic journeying to meet that man again but have had no luck. I've been to a few of the sites where their villages were and participated in a couple of archaeological digs where I found projectile points that may have belonged to the Susquehannock or possibly the Shenks Ferry indians. I plan to visit the other sites and learn more I can about their history and culture.